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No New Posts Mandatory Reads
Before you all get started, here is the place to be. Inside you will find the site rules and yes we know. You've heard them before, still check them out to make sure nothing is different please. Also find the site plot and setting. You can find any other information that is a must to know about DESDEMONA.

rulesPlot&Settingspecies guides

Subforums: Species

15 8 Jun 17 2014, 10:31 AM
In: Fairies
By: Lilith
No New Posts Updates & Announcements
The most recent plot developments, news on changes to the rules, adjustments to something on the site, of the month voting, changes in staff and whatever else that occurs on the site will be brought up and posted inside this forum. So be sure to keep an eye out for all the latest happenings to come up here at DESDEMONA

7 19 Jul 11 2014, 09:57 PM
In: Free Character Month
By: ✗ Nasim J. Bitar
No New Posts Advertising & Affiliation
The most recent plot developments, news on changes to the rules, adjustments to something on the site, of the month voting, changes in staff and whatever else that occurs on the site will be brought up and posted inside this forum. So be sure to keep an eye out for all the latest happenings to come up here at DESDEMONA

First TimeLink BackAffliction

Subforums: First Link, Link Back, Accepted, Denied

399 20 Dec 18 2014, 08:41 PM
In: Crawl
By: Crawl

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No New Posts Registration


Subforums: Unfinished, Finished, Pending

2 0 Mar 28 2014, 11:14 AM
In: Interview Questions.
By: Lilith
No New Posts Accepted Applications
All accepted applications will be moved here upon approval and sorted into one of two subforums. Male or Female, depending on your characters gender.

Subforums: Fae, Human, Hunters, Shifters, Turned Hunters, Vampires, Werecreatures

33 39 Jul 25 2014, 12:29 PM
In: Gianna Evelina Fiore
By: Fallen
No New Posts Claims
The all important claims. Face claim, Job claim, power claim, and of course shift claim for those with the shifting gene. Please make sure you post in whatever claim you are needing to post to, especially the faceclaim, if your characters face is not claimed and someone else applies with the chosen face it can and will be taken without question. fair warning.


9 32 Apr 26 2014, 11:29 PM
In: Rarity Claim
By: Ghost
No New Posts Member Services
Wondering who plays who? Need help finding a playby for your character or even just have a thread that is dead or finished that needs to be swept off to the archives? This would be the place for each of those needs along with a few other things.

Topic ModerationQuestions

4 0 May 14 2014, 06:58 AM
By: Lilith

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No New Posts Want Ads
We all have them, and you know its true. Be it for a final, or your characters family member, maybe even that one childhood friend that you cant do without. Here will be the place to request and beg for someone to take them and remember people. Want ads are love for all. Give one of them a home today!


Subforums: Males, Females, Mix

6 5 Jul 25 2014, 12:00 PM
In: Story of my life
By: Lilith
No New Posts Shippers
Kind of like a personal ad for your character. A way to get them out there past the application. To tell others who your character is and what they are looking for, remember guys. Plotting works both ways, dont expect to post a shipper and everyone is going to flock to it. Sometimes you have to do some flocking yourself.


Subforums: Males, Females, Mix

24 47 Jul 29 2014, 12:30 PM
In: how many lies...
By: ✗ Nasim J. Bitar
No New Posts Character Development
Here's where you'd go to put everything else that isn't your plotter! You can do a character tracker, development sheet, basically anything you can think of that could help flesh out your character for you, or that would show others more in depth views on your character.


Subforums: Thread Trackers

5 23 Jul 25 2014, 11:59 AM
In: Fallen Angels
By: Killian A. Donoghue
No New Posts Communications
We all know it's fun to do things like AIM and email. Well here's the home for all of them! Come on in and let your character have fun! Don't be shy to just put your things up and see what happens!


Subforums: Cell Phone, AIM

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In: ----

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No New Posts Cique du Diavolo
0 Jun 26 2014, 11:59 AM
In: Life's a bitch
By: Azalea G. LEvent

Collapse   City
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No New Posts Uptown
The part of the city that holds the rich. It is the upper town of New York city, what wonders is there to behold? From JFK, to Condos. This uptown has what is known to be the top of the line in future needs.


Subforums: Manhattan, John F. Kennedy Airport, Central Park, Condos

5 72 Aug 21 2014, 02:41 PM
In: Tea & Biscuits
By: Eira Rustic-Togo
No New Posts Midtown
Midtown is one of the more iconic places in Manhattan, home to many famous buildings and of the more financial area.


Subforums: Bronx Zoo, Business District, Empire State Building, New York Library, Times Square, 5th Avenue

7 64 Jul 29 2014, 07:34 PM
In: it feels like forever
By: Killian A. Donoghue
No New Posts Down town
This is the main business and financial part of NYC. It's also on the very tip of the island, and is home to a large majority of the skyscrapers there.


Subforums: Financial District, NYC Hospital, Chinatown, Little Italy

4 14 Jul 26 2014, 12:03 PM
In: Here we go again
By: Tristen C. Harlington
No New Posts University
Here you'll find a number of universities, three, really, and you'll be able to get a beautiful quality education here, or even find a great job here too!

1 0 Apr 5 2014, 05:55 PM
In: Beautiful Soul
By: Arturo B. Luciano
No New Posts Nightclubs
Want to get your groove on? Or maybe find a fun partner for the night? [s]Don't mention I said that[/s] but here's your place to be! Supernatural, natural, you'll find them both here! Just be careful where you wander, because things go bump in the night, and it's easy to get swallowed up by the darkness if you aren't careful.


Subforums: Hidden Nights, Black Lights, Blood Club

2 0 Jul 2 2014, 02:46 PM
In: Rather Be
By: Quinn M. Mackenzie

Collapse   Outskirts
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No New Posts Suburbs
For those of you who maybe had enough money to start off, or have worked your butts off saving money, here's where you'd live! There's a house for everyone, don't worry, and I'm sure you'd love the quaint look that they all have.


Subforums: Homes, Kumori House

3 71 Jul 30 2014, 07:05 PM
In: I'll Write You A Love S...
By: Arturo B. Luciano
No New Posts The Mall
Got the urge to shop? Well here would be where you'd go, if you aren't one for big city shopping and out of this world prices. Here you'll find your everyday stores, and some family own businesses as well. It's a great place to leave the city for a day and just hang out, because there's almost always someplace new to explore!

Subforums: Bonton, Old Navy, Sears, Food Court

1 12 Jul 23 2014, 10:48 AM
In: Seeing GHOSTS
By: Jenny L Helogden
No New Posts Cemetery
Ever wonder where things really go bump in the night? Well, here would be where, aside from maybe those dark allies in the city, but if you're one that has loved ones here, visit during the day, because there've been some pretty scary rumors about what goes on at night.

1 3 Apr 22 2014, 10:47 AM
In: Cross upside Down [M]
By: Sierra J. Peters
No New Posts The Shore
Everyone loves a trip to the beach, soak up the sun, catch some waves. Grab a bite to eat along the boardwalk. Maybe catch sight of a dolphin, a whale or even more mysterious. A mermaid.

2 8 Jul 24 2014, 11:44 AM
In: Siren's song
By: Declan C. Driscoll

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Vineyards
Ah, the fresh, brisk air of the countryside. Mixed with that of sweet, sweet grapes, and you have our vineyards! There's a place of favorites for everyone here, and if you love your wine, well, here's the place to go! I've heard that the places out here are beautiful, so why not check it out for yourself?

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In: ----
No New Posts Gated Communities
Now here, is where you'd only dream to live. For the higher ups in the world, or rather, the state, they live in places like these. Gated communities, or sometimes just a fence around a house itself, is where you'd find celebrities, big business owners and entrepreneurs, and all manner of fun people.

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In: ----
No New Posts State Park
The park is open to all, though it does open it's doors to shifters they have their own section should they feel the need to change. The state park also has camping sites, trails, and fishing!

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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Everywhere Else
Just like any city, there are many areas to explore in Serenity. But since we can't list everything, here's the forum for you to thread those places not listed.

1 24 Jul 21 2014, 12:09 PM
In: What a tangled web we weave
By: Eira Rustic-Togo
No New Posts The World
Wait! Where are you going? Don't tell me you're actually leaving? Well, if you must...Do come back though!

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In: ----
No New Posts Dreamscape
Do you have the power to dream walk? To cause someone to have horrific nightmares? This is the place to do just that, even if it's just to play out a yummy dream or two.

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In: ----
No New Posts Past, Future, and AU
Ever threaded with someone and wondered how a certain event played out in the past? Or maybe you're just too excited to linger in the present when there's some other juicy plot waiting to be played out months, or even years, down the line. How about those plots that would only work in an alternate universe? Here's where you can do all of that, so let that imagination run wild.

1 7 Jul 21 2014, 07:29 AM
In: [M] I believe in YESTERDAY ...
By: Alexander E. Morte

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Absences/Leaving
Real life. Sometimes it gets so hectic that we can't do posts. No worries; just throw up a thread and let us know you'll be gone. Going for good? This is the place for that too.

5 4 May 22 2014, 06:45 PM
In: Gone for a bit
By: Ivanka Kaloyan
No New Posts Games
For those old throwbacks, or even the new ones. We all love a good game or two. Don't be shy; get in on the fun!

9 49 May 3 2014, 10:37 AM
By: ✗ Elia L. Morte
No New Posts General Chat
Well, we certainly won't sit around role playing all day. Some of us do, but hey, when you want a little breather from typing posts, throw up a thread just to talk. Or introduce yourself. It doesn't matter, so long as you don't bash anyone or post rude/insensitive things. Let's play nice here!

5 8 May 5 2014, 07:40 AM
In: Heart attacks on a plate
By: Roland C. Darkwater
No New Posts Graphics
We're not all graphical geniuses, and this forum is for those of us incapable of creating avatars and signatures for ourselves. Or maybe you want to set up shop and offer your services. Whatever the case, here is your stop for pretty graphics.

3 9 May 11 2014, 06:45 PM
In: Lilith's Playground
By: Salem R. Fleeter

Collapse   The Tomb
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts The Graveyard
Deleted posts will be found here.

site topicsappsthreadsother

Subforums: Site Topics, Archived Applications, Completed/Inactive Threads, Other

170 723 Jul 31 2014, 11:53 AM
In: ease my troubled mind - - [M]
By: ✗ Italia M. Rosi

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