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 it feels like forever, -- killian (fallen)
Nilin K. Greyson
 Posted: Jul 28 2014, 09:27 PM

NICU Doctor

something like a soul becomes
The day was a brisk morning. a type of morning that more, or less, meant the day might as well be great and to not let anything knock you down. Well, Nilin felt like it was that type of morning. It was her day off and she was bound to enjoy it even if she was constantly on-call in case of an emergency happen at the hospital.

She has had good news on the few patients she was watching over and some even got to go home with their parents. They weren't so small anymore and even though she was happy for them, Nilin was going to miss spending time with them. After all, the kids made a place in the Shifter's heart that will always belong to them. She's been lucky that the parents liked her enough to come back and get check ups on their kiddos.

The day wasn't perfect because of that reason, but because she was meeting up with the Detective that, more or less, became a nice companion. She enjoyed having Coffee with him the first time around and she expected the second time to go well. The first time was a couple weeks after their initial meeting and it was about how well the lass turned out, a little more about one another which led her into finding out that he was truly from her homeland, and just general chatter away from work.

Nilin doubled checked her outfit which consisted of a loose blue short sleeved tunic over a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of flat strapped sandals. It was a typical outfit that meant for comfort and one of her favorite casual attire. Fixing her hair, she was out on her way to 5th Avenue for coffee at a little relaxing cafe.

It didn't take long for her to offer up another coffee date, and quite frankly she enjoyed their time no matter how short.

The Shifter arrived at the cafe and entered the small place greeted by the nice mixture of coffees. Her eyes scanned the area to try and see if she could spot the familiar head of dark hair. Her green eyes found who she was looking for and a smile appeared. She sauntered over and laid her hand on his shoulder. "Dia duit, Detective"She winked walking to the other side of the table" Glad yer were able ter make it." She couldn't help calling him by his job. She enjoyed adding the light teasing tone to her voice and the reaction she earned from the tone.

outfit | 450 words | <3
Killian A. Donoghue
 Posted: Jul 29 2014, 07:34 PM

Homicide Detective

Killian was excited. And being excited was what had him on edge. He was all too ready to see the lovely Dr. Nilin Greyson again, wanting to get to know her more, beyond what he’d already learned on their first coffee meeting. He wouldn’t call it a date exactly, though not because he didn’t want it to be, but because most of that time was spent talking about the little girl he’d saved, and their respective jobs, so yeah, he hadn’t wanted to think of it as a date.

Now though? Well, he was all too happy to classify it as that, only he wasn’t sure what Nilin would think about that. He hoped she liked him that way, but well, things these days, they weren’t the same as they used to be, and he wasn’t sure if she was even into the whole courting idea. He’d hope she was, because he was certainly going to take his time with her, or as much time as he could, considering how tempting she was. Even though she couldn’t possibly know it.

He knew though, that she was the reason his step was quicker than usual, why he had more energy about himself, looked more awake than he had in weeks, two to be exact, and how he even had a thought of how beautiful a day this was turning out to be. He never had thoughts like that. The detective reached the coffee shop, and, without even trying, knew she hadn’t gotten here yet, because her sweet, soft scent wasn’t wrapping around him, intoxicating him, not yet that is. But he was definitely ready to see her, sitting down at a booth, one in clear sight of the door.

He heard the door open as it always did, but this time, a brisk little breeze, playful as it was, whipped in with the newcomer, bringing with it that sweet, alluring scent that had his head lifting, hoping he didn’t look too eager as he watched her saunter over, laying her hand on his shoulder. He drew in a slow, deep breath, looking up at her with an easy smile, eyes glinting with welcome. "Dia duit, Detective." She winked, before walking to the other side of the table, sitting down.

”Dia duit, Doctor Greyson.” He returned with a rakish little grin, crooked and endearing as it was. "Glad yer were able ter make it." She said, and he grinned. ”I could say the same about you.” He returned honestly. ”How are you, Nilin?” He asked, smiling kindly, true interest in his eyes as he rested his forearms on the table, leaning against them out of pure comfort, at ease, not professional, just himself.

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