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 Gianna Evelina Fiore, 30|Human| Jenna Dewan Tatum
Gianna E. Fiore
 Posted: Jul 25 2014, 11:02 AM


Gianna E. Fiore








Jenna Dewan Tatum

What is your full name and when were you born?
Gianna Evelina Fiore- (if someone takes her husband i will give her a hypenated last name LOL) , and I was born November 1st 1984, making me nearly 30 years old come fall.

What does your name mean?
Honestly i dont really know. I know Gianna comes from my fathers mother. My Nonna. Italian tradition says that the first born daughter should take the name of the paternal grandmother, second born of the maternal. First born son same thing, named after the paternal grandfather, second of the maternal. My middle name my mom i think just liked it honestly.

Gianna thats a pretty name, Italian correct?
sì hai ragione. Yes you are correct. Though I wasn't born in Italy, my grandparents came to America not long before my mother was even five years old and my uncle had yet to be born. They wanted a new start. I've never even been to Italy, however my Nonna and my Nonno will never let my mother nor myself forget where our heritage lies even if we are Americans. Italian blood runs strong in our veins, since my father is mostly Italian as well, with a little puerto riccan mixed in.

Interesting. So tell us about your childhood.
Honestly there isn't much to tell really, after my Nonna and my Nonno moved to America probably when my Nonna was early forties they opened a small authentic Italian restaurant, which ended up becoming so successful they opened a few more. When my Nonno became to old to deal with it anymore he passed it down to my father and mother, My Nonna had taught my mother everything she knew so my mother is the head chef. Anyways... The restaurants have always done such a great job at making money that we always did well. Maybe not a mansion on a hill top well but a nice house in the gated community on the outskirts of New York City complete with a pool thats heated and an extra room we dont really even use. It also ensured that on my sixteenth birthday instead of getting a 9 year old car held together with bubble gum and duct tape like some teenagers get, I received a brand new metallic blue Audi TT Coupe which was nice until i totaled it four years later. Totally not my fault by the way. Anyways yeah, lets just say all my life I really didn't want for anything. My parents pretty much gave me anything I could want. A new doll? Sure thing. New clothes? Right away. Who knew that getting everything you wanted early on meant in order to keep it happening you had to follow their rules how things were supposed to be. Right down to when to marry, who to marry, when to have kids, what career to choose. Dont get me wrong i love my family but..... these things should be my choices, they wanted them to be theirs so.... I split.

You split? You mean you dont see your family anymore?
Unfortunately not really. See my mother and father, hell my Nonna and Nonno even... they all had this plan for my life. See I was to wed a nice Italian boy, one that lives in our neighborhood that I've been friends with since I was born practically. In a traditional Italian wedding of course, they wanted me to join the family business of course and not that its a bad business i'm isn't my passion. I can cook yes, but I want to do something different with my life beyond a kitchen. I'm a high school teacher now, I like knowing that i am helping to shape these kids future. Its empowering.

That sucks, I'm sorry to hear.
Its fine. Really. Well no its not fine. None of it is fine. you shouldn't ever split from your family, they should love and accept you and your decisions even if they are crappy ones. No matter what you choose they should be there.

So what did you choose that made them unaccepting exactly?
A few things actually. The biggest is probably the fact that instead of marrying the boy they chose for me... I married my high school secret sweetheart on the night of my 18th birthday. We each invited our best friends to be witnesses. My parents were far from thrilled, my husband isn't what they wanted, he's not of Italian blood but I loved him. Then of course there is the fact that, I didn't want to be part of the family business. They knew that before I married though, we were still fighting about my choice when i married my husband. They probably would have been upset it took so long to get pregnant to. Claiming its because i didn't adhere to the family's standards or some crap like that. Oh wow so your a mom and a wife?
Yes, I gave birth to a baby girl a little over a year ago; and its been an adjustment for both my husband and I. Honestly.... i think we were hoping that having a child would solve the problems we have been having. That it was our next step that we were just in a rut. Unfortunately... I think we were foolish in that hope.

So you and your husband are on the outs?
You could say that. We barely see each other, its been that way for years he tends to work a lot and I'm so focused on my work and I tutor... at least I used to be before the baby. We just didn't make time for each other the way we should have. Maybe we rushed marriage? We were just kids.... College was tough on our marriage of course but we some how made it... I think we've just been holding onto what we used to be. Holding onto traditions set forth by our families. You know marriage is sacred. Marriage is to be valued not thrown away. They dont tell you what happens when your marriage is cracked and fractured. Fragile. They dont tell you how to fix the disinterested glances, the silent breakfasts, the alone cold dinners. The passionateless kisses.... its disheartening to say the least.

That's really... i'm sorry to hear that. Well on that subject, i'm going to ask you... What is your biggest regret? and if you could go back in time would you alter the events that transpired?
I think.... my biggest regret... wasn't in marrying my husband. Just maybe marrying him so early in life? Maybe if we waited we would be better off? Maybe we wouldn't be together now.... Its so... But no i wouldn't change it because then i wouldn't have my daughter and my daughter is the most important thing to me. Ever.

What three memories do you hold dear?
The birth of my daughter of course is number one. My wedding night would be number two..... we were so in love then, he was so gentle and sweet and it was amazing. and number three? Would be the night i watched my mom and dad dancing in the restaurant after it closed. Apparently their wedding song came on, she looked a hot mess but my dad didn't care.... he grabbed her from the kitchen his hands still wet from dishwater and they twirled and laughed. You could see the love just bursting from them. I to this day am jealous of that.

What is your most treasured possession?
You would think my engagement or wedding ring would be.... but honestly? Its this necklace i have... made of soda pop tabs. You know those back in the day. My husband made it for me when we were in high school, he collected them and wrote my name and his name on the tabs and put them together. I dunno it sound stupid i guess but thats it.

If you could have an affair and get away with it....would you?
Oh god. Honestly.... you have no idea how many times i've thought about it. Just... go out of town. To some place no one knows me and just have a one night stand. Crazy, fun, primal, sexy..... I've thought about it... fantasized about it when i'm laying next to my husband who hasn't touched me since our daughter was born.... god I've wanted to but i dont know if I'd have the guts.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
My daughter of course

I think thats all the questions i have for now. Good luck to you and your family.
Thanks. I'm going to need it I think.

Lilith | EST | Cbox, PM, MSN, AIM
♥ Ghost
 Posted: Jul 25 2014, 12:29 PM

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