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 Tea & Biscuits, Eira
Iskander Mason
 Posted: Jul 30 2014, 09:25 PM



Iskander wasn’t hunger deprived at all, on the contrary he was well fed. His tastebuds however had a particular desire for one brunette and it was causing him some difficulties. Nothing too much that he cannot handle currently if he did not let his mind wander too long or get lost in the subtle nuances of every action she made. How can he deny himself the veritable show that is Eira, it was his own personal clip that he can play whenever he desired. All it took was a glance of his baby boy blues to take a gander at her lovely neck, and see the way her fine waves of brown whisper about her flesh. The brushing of her strand behind her ear had his gums hum in their own tune reminding him of that need. Berating him for not simply reaching out and taking what he wanted right then and there. No one was going to stop him besides his own pride and morals that stilled his own hand. He had other wants and needs and putting himself as a villain before her eyes was not one of them. Oh, he will have exactly what he wanted he just needed to suffer silently while he was being put through the cruelest of tortures. The flushing of her cheeks and the view of fine bounty of her bosom was one of many things. Iskander did feel a fine ripple and a twitch of his wrist, if he was able to grunt he will have done so right then and there in a barbaric fashion due to her presence was far too pleasing to the once would-be conqueror. Control.

Iskander told himself this while smoothing over the front of his hoodie long before he listened to the husky vocals of her voice telling him of her bodies betrayal toward him. It seemed his desires were being returned by her without her realize it as if the rosy hue of her cheeks wasn’t a clear enough give away as well as the rising beating of her heart. Oh so bitter sweet the sound of that was even where he kneeled before her and she was royalty to him, to say the least a Lady of the court and nothing will change that in his mind. Iskander can literally feel the savage within him wanting to plunder and be brazen toward this woman and garner more reactions to her…a brute he craved to be. Course there was a time and place for everything and he will get even more pleasure far beyond than these reactions and even his name from her pouts. One day his name will be sung.

When he did rise he made no reply to her words in fact all he did was have that broad grin of his from cheek to cheek, fine set of dimples to display his amusement. He thought far differently and was tempted to stroke beneath her chin once more to confer his thought son the matter and argue with her. That will get them nowhere though, as they did need to go who knows what others may think if they were to linger in this conference room any longer than need be. “As you wish. My lady. Iskander was stubborn and it seemed he will not let this go for today. When he moved of course he heard the rising beats of her heart and decided to let his devilish side be kept under raps…more time for fun and games later. For it didn’t seem she rejected the hint of what he had to offer, ahem, forward yes forward. Moistening his lips while he walked and didn’t bother to look behind him for he figured she will follow and well guide him to her car it was during this time where all she can see was the broadness of his back, looking more like a mountain than anything else, quiet and unsurmountable. Doing what needed to be done in regards to giving himself and her a lift it seemed he was more than capable of driving. Iskander even opening up the side of the door for her to enter, a gentlemen. “Your chariot awaits, My Lady. The last two words rolled off his tongue in dominant claim having by far more meaning than just being playful and teasing. Once she was inside would he begin in taking her along with instructions on how to get there. After all, he had no idea where she lived.

TAG : Bam! NOTES : Derp!. WORDS : 1 million
thanks, ginny weasley from caution 2.0!
Eira Rustic-Togo
 Posted: Aug 21 2014, 02:41 PM


Eira Rustic-Togo
23 | Human | Fashion Model
The sound of two words seemed to ring in Eira's ears. How could the words 'My Lady' possibly sound so sweet, yet so foreign at the same time. She could hear that hint of a tease in his voice when he said it not once, but twice. It had her mind puzzling over them for quite some time afterwards. It's not that she hated to hear them and maybe in some past life she was something of royalty or that of a higher class... maybe even a Lady-in-waiting, who knows. There were far too many possibilities for things now a days. For example, who could have thought that she would have gotten up and followed him... apparently Iskander because he didn't even as much as glance back to see if she was there or if she had stayed sitting. Perhaps women are far too predictable sometimes and she'd have to change that, spice things up and be spontanious. Wasn't she being spontanious already by agreeing to this contract or had he known too that she would agree to it. Well damn... maybe she had just walked into the situation that she wanted but she was curious as to where it would go. It was an adventure that she couldn't have passed up even if she had known it was a trap.

Eira studied a mountainous back as she walked with him to her car, he had broad shoulders which would be good for intimidating and she thought she could make out a muscular build through his body, his shoulders curving down to a to a triangle frame of his lower stomach and his waist line. She could see that when he moved his muscles flexed along his back, the hoodie couldn't hide that fact which made her blush more. She cursed herself mentally for blushing at those thoughts but she couldn't help it. How often was it that she got to study, let alone think about, the muscular build of a man. She had to do something to distract herself before she was mesmarized by the build of his body so she looked down and rummaged through her purse for her keys as they exited the building and were approaching her car. She pressed the button on the remote and unlocked it.

As the car door was opened for her, that famous blush of hers flared again while she slipped into the passenger seat. She moved gracefully, letting her long legs slowly bend and then stretch so she was comfortable. Her steel blue hues watched him close the door and move around to the driver door while she put the key into the slot so he could just start it and drive away. Eira calculated the shortest route to take from Lincoln Center to her condo seeing as the traffic was always busy in this city.

Eira gave instructions on which road to take and by no time they were pulling into her condominium. She reached over and pressed a button on her sun visor to open a gate then directed him down the block and to her condo, reaching over again to press a second button that opened the garage. She took the keys from him when they had parked and Iskander turned off the car. She wasn't used to someone else opening her door for her so she unfolded herself from the car instead. Closing the door behind her and moving over to the garage door to unlock it and enter her residence. She flipped on several light switches while she moved to a hall closet...not glancing back like he had done, knowing he'd follow. She slipped off her shoes and put them neatly on the floor of the closet before closing it again. "Welcome to my humble abode." she said she moved from the closet to the living room and stood there waiting in case he wanted to examine this room first. It was a big living room with two couches, a chair, and a table all placed methodically before a 60" flat screen tv. Past the couches there was a dining room table half cloaked in shadows still and next to that was the kitchen with a counter that wrapped around to have only one point of entry and bar stools tucked in close to the counter. It wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. The two bedroom were upstairs which they'd get to in a little bit. "Please, make yourself at home." She said softly.

The Condo
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