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 Rather Be, Open! |<3|
Quinn M. Mackenzie
 Posted: Jul 2 2014, 02:46 PM


Quinn was dressed and primped to the max. She looked damn good and she knew it well enough. She was wearing a micro miniskirt that barely, and I do mean barely, covered her ass. She was wearing a corset type top that she wore to perfection, that fit and accentuated her curvy shape, pushed her breasts up and on display enticingly, wanting to lure someone in, find a client for the night, or for however long they paid her to be there. To be with them, servicing them. That’s what she did. She serviced others. She had no desire to call whatever she did love making because it wasn’t and never would be, nor did she call it sex, because even then that implied that it was enjoyable. Sure sometimes it was, but very, very rarely. She’d been selling her body, first involuntarily and then voluntarily, since she’d been old enough to be distinguished as a girl, and even a little bit before then too. She knew how things worked.

She wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup, just enough dusky eyeliner, some eyeshadow, to emphasize her lovely gray eyes, to show her assets even more perfectly. She was on display, and she very well knew it. Seeing a potential, she approached, high heels clicking softly on the ground, announcing her approach. ”Hey sugar, you looking for some company?” She purred once she was close enough, leaning lightly against their arm, breasts pressing to their side. The man looked down at her with that evil gleam of hunger she knew all too well, and gripped her hand roughly, no doubt leaving bruises. She yanked at her arm, it was one thing to sell her body, but it was far another to let someone abuse it when she didn't want. ”Let go of me, you little prick!” She snapped, and the brute just grinned darkly. ”I’m pretty sure you don’t get a say, whore.” The brute growled and yanked her closer, making her struggle futilely. Here in a place like this, a whore was a common sight, so she probably wasn’t going to get away this time…she rarely did get away.

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