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 Beautiful Soul, Open! |<3|
Arturo B. Luciano
 Posted: Apr 5 2014, 05:55 PM

Dating Hazel

Arturo smiled to himself as he watched his boys play, yelling encouragements and all but jumping up and down each time they scored a run. He grinned and gave each kid who came back from their turn at bat and their time around a high five and a clap on the back before sending them off to get something small to drink and keep themselves hydrated by not make themselves sick. He eventually had to sit down though, growing out of breath enough to the point where one of his boys, Andy, came over and put a hand on his shoulder. ”Hey, coach, you okay?” He asked, and Art nodded reassuringly, smiling faintly as he leaned back in his chair and took a few deep breaths. ”It’s alright, Andy, just a little tired is all.” He told the boy with a smile, and the young man nodded, brows furrowed slightly, and headed back to his seat, all the team that wasn’t out on the plates torn between watching their beloved coach concernedly, and watching the game.

He drew in a slow breath as he focused on putting on a good face for his kids, wanting them to focus on the game, not on him. So he’d been overdoing it too soon after his latest hospital visit the day before. Oh well. He refused to miss a game. Even when he started getting weaker, started losing the ability to walk on his own among plenty of other things, he’d get himself here, he didn’t care how. He smiled as they scored another run, and then one of his players got a home run, and he forced himself to stand up, moving to the railing of the dugout and giving a loud whoop along with the rest of his boys as he beamed genuinely, grinning and getting just outside the dugout for a high five from each of his kids on all the bases.

It wasn’t much longer after that home run that the game was over, and they’d one. The whole team was cheering on their way back to the locker rooms, and he cleaned up the dugout before joining them, heading into his office and doing what he needed to do right away, before heading out, seeing his boys off, and heading outside of the stadium itself, where a few people were still filing out. He nearly bumped into one of them on the way to his car. ”Le mie scuse, I wasn’t watching where I was going, forgive me.” He told them kindly, smiling as he offered his hand for them to shake. ”My name is Arturo, I’m the coach for the home team here, did you enjoy the game?”

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