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 Posted: Jun 17 2014, 10:31 AM

Le Ruler


Fairies are the base of what fae are made of, they are the most common type. There are four types in all, Spring Fairies the bringer of life and beginning , Summer fairies the bringers of health and aging, Fall fairies the bringers of sickness and harvest, and Winter fairies the bringers of death and ending. The fairies job is to bring forth the seasons mostly. Though they have the ability to use their abilities otherwise using their own energies or someone elses depending on the situation

Spring Fairies:

The bringers of Life. Spring fairies help bring in just that, spring. They give life to the land once more, they are the reason trees turn green, that flowers blossom. Spring fairies are also with their own energies able to help in the creation of life. Say for instance, a woman was having trouble getting pregnant. So long as there weren't any serious problems with her reproductive organs, a spring fairy could pull from their energy and give it to that of the woman. Though it may not work the first time, after a few sessions the woman should fall pregnant with child.

Summer Fairies:

The bringers of health and aging. Summer fairies have the ability to heal, to help grow. They keep the plants healthy, the animals well. They help with the aging of nature around them, they bring summer to the world. Summer fairies have the ability to using their own reserves help heal those around them from common ailments. A cold,the flu. As for the big ones, Cancer and Aids while they cannot fully heal a person they can help prolong their life span a bit, make them more comfortable. In some cases when summer fae come together they can even put the cancer into remission for a while.

Fall Fairies:

Fall fairies are not just the bringers of fall but also sickness. it is their job to bring nature to the beginning of its end. They are the reason pants wither, why the trees begin to change colors in preparation for winter. Fall fairies like spring and summer fairies have the ability to use their 'powers' on others. With their touch they have the ability to bring on sickness. Usually its just a cold, but the more the faerie has access to you skin to skin with their hands the sicker you may become. Usually no more than a bad virus. The sickness can occur anywhere the fae touches. Example, if a fall fairie touched your stomach, you'd be sure to end up with an ache or a stomach flu. Your head, a headache. Etc.

Winter Fairies:
Last but not least. The winter fae, bringers of winter and death. The winter fairies ensure that the ground is bare, the trees have no leaves, there are no blossoms to be found. The bring ice and snow, they bring cold and chill. Like the other fairies, Winter fairies have the ability to kill. To do so however takes nearly all their energy and its a process that must be repeated more than once. After the first time the person will become sick, perhaps with pneumonia, after the second even worse to where they should probably be in the hospital by the third or forth time of long exposure to a winter fairies hands the intended victim will fall dead at the fairies hand.

Strengths for all fairies

Along with their seasonal strengths, all fairies have enhanced senses and physical strength. They have the ability to shrink their size so the enhanced strength comes in handy and is most used while in tiny form. All types of Fairies have a connection to nature, to animals even the winter fairies. They are able to communicate without words.

Weaknesses for all fairies

Fairies are susceptible most to their opposing season. Spring fae do not do well in winter climate, they tend to get drained very quickly, as does summer. They tend to stay indoors with their heat to the max more often than not. Same goes for Winter and Fall fairies in the summer and spring. If a spring and winter fairy were to battle it out, in the end both would likely die unable to stand the other's onslaught. Generally fairies do not mix well with each other and tend to stick with their own 'race' Spring with spring, summer with summer etc. You can kill a fairy by removing their wings, their wings are usually only visible in their original form, although in some instances, if they wish, the fairies can manifest their wings in their human form as well. However they have tattoos on their back when they are not in their original form, that are their wings, and may choose whether they wish to manifest their wings or not at any time. Pour acid on them and you get the same result. Death.


A fairy may only conceive in their season, the pregnancy will last until their season comes once more. They give birth like an average human and may have more than one child. The child if coming from two fairies will be just that, the same as their parents. However fairies can reproduce with any other species but another type of fairy, again IE: No spring with winter fairies. Its just harder to conceive.

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