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Jul 9 2014, 08:52 PM
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Jenny watched as seductive desire rolled about behind her blue gaze as she watched herself in the full length mirror in the corner of her lavish room in the Fagen household that she'd be given a few weeks prior by both Nix and Cass as well, though she was pretty sure mostly by Nix since Cass was still seeming to be warming up to the idea of Jenny in their bed. Not that Jenny could blame her, she would be the same way if she were in the vampire queen's stylish shoes. Flicking her tongue along her bottom lip she turned and twisted as she studied herself in the mirror as she finished trying on her new purchases. Excitement building in her small body as she thought of what the vampire royalty's reaction would be. Sure Jenny may not be as flawless as a vampire would be but damnit she was beautiful in her own right and the items she chose accentuated her figure, it hugged what curves she had like a second skin and made her look twice as good as she normally did. Damnit she was proud of the items. So proud in fact, that she reached over and quickly slid on the denim skirt, and dark pink tank top that she had on earlier the day shopping. Ignoring any shoes she gripped one of the other bags tight in her hand and headed out the door of her room in search for Nix's room.
Despite her light weight, Jenny could never make her steps as silent as the vampire's she lived with. Keeping her head down she walked briskly and as silently as she could down the hall, the light jingle of her ankle bracelet being the only noise she herself heard as she moved. The blonde nearly jumped out of her skin as she heard one of the vampires, one of the nicer ones say hello to her as she passed by. Jenny gave a soft muttered hello, and a bright smile as she continued on her way. To excited to even think to stop for a chat. Making it to Nix's room in record time, the blonde waited for a moment outside the door listening for voices or sounds of love making coming from beyond the door before pushing it open. Eyes bright and cherry as she let herself in. Noticing that Cass was no where in sight. At least not at the moment, well she would be sure to show Cass her spoils later. For now.... "Good evening Nix, did you rest well?" she asked curiously, knowing that while vampires didn't sleep they did get wary during the daylight hours. Much weaker than normal. Jenny had begun to sleep more during the day then she ever had in order to stay awake longer at night, though she still kept mostly daylight hours to keep face.
Licking her lips, the scent of her obvious excitement and mounting arousal swirling around her as she set her little bag of surprises down next to the dresser. "Is Cass around? I went shopping this afternoon and got a few things you both might enjoy....." she said softly, her cheeks rosy with a fresh blush. Jenny may be filled with desire and excitement but she was still Jenny through and through. Embarrassment filled her to the brim just as much as excitement did. "......but If its just you....." her tone dropped lower as her grin grew and she moved closer to the vampire king. "I've missed you today." she whispered softly as she nuzzled her head gently into the center of his chest before tipping her face up, her lips seeking his own.

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Jul 8 2014, 08:21 PM
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<div style="background-color: #fff; font-family: calibri; font-size: 10px; text-align: justify; padding: 10px; line-height: 11px;">
The floor felt cold beneath her feet, as she tiptoed softly through the halls of the Fagen Household, one of the largest sk-yrises in the city that belonged to none other than the King and Queen of the vampire populace of the whole north east. Alexander Morte and Cassiopeia Avalon, both very old and both very powerful the kinds of creatures you didn't want to anger. Jenny knew that well enough, she'd seen the promise of what could happen when they are angry in Cassiopeia's eyes when they'd first met, When Nix.... had introduced her... as his newest pet to his queen. Jenny could sense the hurt in the vampire queen, the betrayal..... but she accepted Jenny, in more ways than one. Still as Jenny crept the halls of the household, passing the few vampire she did. Keeping her eyes from making full contact with them for her own safety not that they would be stupid enough to try and do any harm to the King's favorite human but better safe than sorry; Jenny wondered if her presence, if her actions with Nix when the vampire queen was to consumed with other things, or her children... if Jenny's what she thought was sly sneaking had been part of the reason for her sudden disappearance.
Wrinkling her nose as she dropped one of the bags of 'snacks' she carried in her arms she grumbled lightly and reached down to pick it back up. Carefully balancing the mass amount of other shit in her arms as she continued the short distance left to the room that housed the very sexy, very charming, dangerously addictive king of the vampires. The soft spoken blonde not bothering to knock, or to make her presence known past shoving the door open, and slipping her slender figure clothed in her usual pair of cotton shorts and clingy matching cotton tank top through said door before nudging it closed with her bare foot. Dropping the mound of items on the dresser quickly before bounding and leaping on the oh so comfortable and she was pretty sure had to be larger than a king size bed even because it was so massive looking. Settling her tiny form into the bed she giggled a few times before placing her hands on her belly, and crossing her ankles. <p>

"I brought snacks. Blood for you, and lots and lots of chocolate for me." she said in a soft, sweet tone, her eyes showing worry for her old vampire lover and guilt clouding her heart at the fact that she was in bed with him when she should be alone, yet she couldn't seem to help herself. He was just so cuddly. "So tell me hunny. How was your day." she said in a teasing playful tone, batting her lashes to add to her silly mood as she snuggled her body even closer to his own until she had her leg flinging over his own, her left arm wrapping around his middle and her head on his shoulder.

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May 26 2014, 09:11 AM
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The custom painted pink Chevy cruze pulled into the busy lot of the mall parking lot and found the first place she could to slowly pull the pink car into. Every car she'd ever owned had been pink, only this car she'd bought buy herself with no help from anyone. Not mom, or dad and especially not her big brother Kelsey. Nope this one was all her. Though the paint job payment had been helped by her brother. Hell she'd shelled out a shit ton for this car, by herself she wasn't going to complain about some help on the paint job. Slipping out of the car she headed for the inside giving a sigh of relief the moment the cool air touched her now heated skin from walking a freaking mile from where she parked. Bright blue eyes scanned the food court promising herself before she left she would indeed much down on a nice large salad from salad works or even better some Chinese food unhealthy it was.
More than an hour later, Jenny's arms were loaded with bags. Bags from Pacific sun, Aeropostal, Old navy, DSW and Victoria's secret. Now she found herself in front of lego store, lips pursed before she let out a little laugh. The whole reason she found herself at the mall today had been for this store. Louis would be finished school soon, and he was no doubt moving into a new grade. Before long Louis would be too old for legos. Really maybe he was already. Maybe she was just trying to keep him younger than what was, maybe she didn't want him to grow up. It was so unbelievable that he was doing so so fast. Slipping into the store she hunted for the perfect 'promotion' gift. The blonde let her eyes scan the wall of lego boxes, trying to find the best one. Snatching up a large pirate boat, that contained a few pirates as well. The price was steep but it was a giant fucking boat and it was the lego store in the mall. What else do you expect. Satisfied with her choice she quickly paid for the ship and turned toward the door. Fighting with her card to go back into her wallet, not paying much attention as she left the store and turned right heading to find Louis a new outfit when she bumped square into the hard chest of a man. Her dainty little feet stomping on his much larger by accident.
Cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Eyes wide, she managed to get the card into the wallet and drop the wallet in the bag quickly before looking up with her mouth in a small O shape. Apology heavy on her tongue, an apology quickly forgotten when she took in the handsome face of the man she'd decided to run over, or attempt to and fail because she was such a tiny person. "oh my god..." she whispered the bags dropping from her arms as she stared at the man before her a second later her arms wrapped around his neck and her lips pressed to his own for a few moments before realizing that it was the stupidest thing she could do. Climbing from the man she flushed brighter than ever. "I....I am.... SOOOO sorry. I dont know..." she whispered, tears forming in her eyes. "You just look so much like....and I forgot for a moment...." she felt the tears, stinging her cheeks with their warmth. "I apologize, I really do." she leaned down to gather up all her bags. Cursing herself. Graham was dead and he was never coming back. It was the story of her life. Everyone she loved, everyone she cared for.... always died. Just because the man could be Graham's twin brother in every way she could remember. Didn't mean it was okay for her to just go throwing her body and lips at some random man in the middle of the mall. Chest aching she took a breath in and shook her head at her stupidity.



<center><a href=""><div style="width: 250px; text-align: right; font-family: times; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase;">OLIVER QUEEN.</div></a></center>[/dohtml]
May 9 2014, 11:38 AM
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<div style="font-family: times; color: black; font-size: 10px; letter-spacing: 2px; text-transform: lowercase; text-align: center; font-style: italic; padding-bottom: 2px;">but since you've been gone</div><div style="width: 180px; height: 0px; border-top: 1px solid black;"></div><BR><div style="width: 200px; padding-right: 7px; height: 320px; font-family: tahoma; color: black; text-align: justify; overflow: auto; line-height: 90%; font-size: 10px;">

Jenny had to admit, being the pet of a vampire was pretty damn good. Scratch that. Being the pet of two vampires was pretty damn good. Wait no. Scratch that again. Being the pet of two vampires who just so happened to be the king AND queen of the biggest vampire coven in New York City.... yeah... it was pretty damn sweet. Well it could be if one were the type who liked to be spoiled. Who looked at material objects like they were the best thing life could offer. Only Jenny... Jenny wasn't spoiled. she didn't care how many pairs of shoes she owned, how many times her nails got refiled, how often her hair was highlighted or trimmed. Jenny was down to earth. While she was very much that girly girl, who loved the skirts, dresses and shoes she preferred to buy them herself, to work for them and she was just as comfortable in a pair of sweat pants and a large tshirt that swam on her small figure. The only thing that really mattered to Jenny...was her family. Her brother... and her nephew. Her nephew's future. When Nix and Cass had mentioned how they could help secure Louis' future well... that was all it took.
So being the pet of the two biggest vampires in new york city to make sure her Nephew got the life he deserved was more than pretty damn good. While he got what he wanted, she wasn't left out in the least. Jenny was pleasured beyond what her human mind could comprehend half the time, she hadn't been so worn down in so long. Keeping up as a human with two vampires who never got tired, whose sexuality never could be fully quenched it seemed wasn't easy. Lucky for her they had each other in the times she needed to rest because they drained her of energy so completely. Leaving her tucked away in her fluffy pink bed surrounded by stuffed animals to cuddle up to. Tonight however there was no Cass, There was no Nix. No supernaturals. There was no kinky, delicious sexual plays. There was no tiredness, no.... nothing but herself and the friends that came before it all. What few she still had remaining from everything. Jenny always volunteered to be the designated driver when the girls got together. Which she had failed to do the past few times because she'd been so caught up with her new life but tonight she was there.<p>
Jenny held the door open while her friends tumbled into the bar, four of them there were. Three brunettes and one that used to be a blonde like Jenny herself but she decided she wanted to become a redhead so she went bottle red. A striking fire color. One by one they tumbled in, Jenny last. Finding a table close to the bar where they quickly began to order their drinks. It always began with shots, the quickest way to get drunk Bridgette would exclaim. Next would come the girly fruity drinks. Then after that would be the harder drinks. Before the night was over. Amanda would likely barf on Jocelyn's shoes and then they wouldn't speak for a week, while Bridgette would likely end up hurt at some point. Be it a bruise she couldn't explain or something worse like a broken toe. Tiffanie was the only one who managed to stay unharmed, and kept her body functions not on display really other than Jenny who.... while the girls kicked back their shots sipped gingerly on a virgin mango margarita. Smiling and shaking her head at her friends enjoying the gossip that she'd missed out on.
Checking the time Jenny noted they'd been at the bar for roughly thirty minutes and the girls were well on their way to getting drunk and now they were busy trying to figure out who would sing what when Karaoke began. Shaking her head she looked down at her now empty drink and sighed. Leaving the glass on the table and then leaving the table behind as well as her squabbling buddies who by the way... none could hold a pitch to save their lives; she made her way through the now decent throng of people toward the bar for a new drink. Sliding into one of the empty stools she perched there in her five foot two and a half, hundred and twenty five pounds sopping wet almighty ferocious glory nibbling on her lip and peering around for the nearest bartender. "Excuse me!" she called out in her soft belle like of a voice, a voice that could so easily be drown out by the noise surrounding them. "Can i get another mango margarita, virgin please." she said stronger to be sure it was heard her bright blue eyes finding the man behind the counter and giving a friendly smile that made her skin glow and small lines appear by her eyes.

</div></div></div></center></div></td></table><div style="width: 400px; font-family: arial; letter-spacing: 2px; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;"><a href="">&hearts; lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Apr 6 2014, 06:38 AM
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"Come on Lou, finish your breakfast. Seriously now. Its almost time for school and your not even done! You still need your shoes on and your hair brushed!" Jenny cried out from the bathroom where she was finishing getting ready herself to start the day, normally her nephew rode the school bus but since she had stuff to do today anyways she planned to take him to school. Giving a sigh the blonde stepped from her bathroom flipping off the light and shaking her head when her nephew's voice filtered from the kitchen her way. "I dont have to brush my hair aunt Jenny its fine." giving a laugh she moved into the kitchen and gave a shriek of faked horror, sinking her body against the wall and holding her hand to her chest eyes wide. Watching as her nephew dropped the fork he was using to finish his breakfast looking around on edge. "What!? What's wrong! Aunt Jenny are you alright!??" the ten year old spoke in a worried voice lifting himself from his chair slowly moving toward Jenny. When he was close enough the blonde reached out wrapping her arms around the young boy holding him to her body. "Oh Louis, thank gosh its you. With your hair all over the place like that.... well i thought you were a monster! Surely not my nephew because my nephew brushes his hair and looks like a handsome put together ten year old boy, not some disheveled...... morning monster." she teased him playfully giving a laugh before pressing her lips to his cheek. "Now go. Brush your hair, and your teeth, and get your shoes on. You have ten minutes. Go." she said pushing him away and rubbing his head mussing his blonde hair even more as he walked off mumbling on his way to the bathroom.
Ten minutes later they were locking up the house and heading to her custom painted hot pink tiburon and getting in, the drive to school was filled with music the way Louis liked, and little talk but in her nephew's company silence was comfortable. Jenny found herself looking over at him from the corner of her eye, heart swelling with mothers pride each time. Sure she didn't give birth to the kid, but he was as much hers as he could be. Louis had lost his mother at two months old, the boy didn't remember anything about Marie. The only thing he knew was the things she or his father told him, he'd seen pictures, he knew what she smelled like, knew her favorite things, it was all knowledge he knew but it was all second hand. It was heartbreaking when Jenny thought about it but it never seemed to bother Louis so much. After all he wasn't lacking a mother really. Anytime he needed one that's where Aunt Jenny came in. Pulling up to the school she gave her nephew a smile and a wave as he climbed out of the car. "Thanks aunt Jenny for the ride.. See you after school be-careful." he said quickly before rushing off for the building leaving her to lean her cheek against the wheel and watch. Amazed at how big he'd gotten. When she could no longer see Louis she straightened up, turned the radio down a bit and pulled out heading to do what needed to be done.
The first stop was to the bank to get money out, the next was for gas, after that it was the store for a few things, then the salon to get her blonde tresses trimmed up, after the salon became the dry cleaners. Checking the clock she gave a breath. One more stop and she'd go to lunch, pulling up to the curb when she spotted Bookmark, one of her favorite places she got out and locked the door. Putting some change into the parking meter she left the car behind her and strode into the bookstore. Pushing her sunglasses on the top of her head as she went through the door she paused long enough to let her eyes scan the place in front of her, in search of her first stop. Heading down one of the isles she scanned the books in search of something that would interest her, after ten minutes of searching one isle she found herself in another. Eyes hungrily scanning the book's spines for their titles. The smell of the pages filling her nose in welcome. Spotting something that looked of interest she reached up to try to grasp the book, standing on her tip toes, the light pink shirt that hugged her torso lifted to show a sliver of her back and tummy making her shiver slightly, her fingers brushing the spine but not able to grab it. Turning to the side she spotted someone, biting her bottom lip she eyed them over her shoulder, a soft blush already forming on her cheeks and cleared her throat. "Excuse me... Is there anyway.... You could maybe reach this book?" she asked softly tapping the book her fingers barely brushed. "I'm sorry to bother you, Im just a little height restricted." she said with a wrinkle of her nose.

<div style="background-color: #000; border-right: solid 100px pink; height: 10px;"></div></div>[/dohtml]
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