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Location: Dallas, Tx
Born: 10 June 1990
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Alias: Uraha
Age: 23
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: No Information
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Shipper: Fashion Model
Joined: 6-April 14
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Local Time: Jun 22 2018, 01:25 AM
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Eira Rustic-Togo


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Apr 9 2014, 06:19 PM
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Eira Rustic-Togo

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23 ♦ human ♦ fashion model

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Eira had just arrived at her car after having finished her interview a little bit ago. She had stopped at a conference room to do some things on her laptop before she had left the building. She stood there thumbing through her purse for her keys when she realized she couldn't find something else. "Shoot" she muttered to herself as she turned around and walked back into the building. She shook her head at herself as she chastized herself mentally for being so stupid as to forget her phone. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going although she didn't need to seeing as she had been here so many times that her feet already knew the way.
She reached the room in no time and opened the door barging right in. She hadn't expected the room to be occupied and had gotten a third of the way in when she heard a man with deep haunting baritones. The person interviewing him had just asked another question it seemed because he was in the middle of answering it... “Have my sense of taste back, my brother, and find out the name of the person whom changed me. As for the rest…I can have whenever I desire, when I crave it.” She caught his eyes flood with a shade of crimson as he was bold enough to ask the interviewer the next thing. “Blood always tastes better fresh. Right from the source…don’t you…agree?” She saw the develish smile as the conversation ened.
As she registered what he said she realized that he was one of those vampires everyone was talking about. She couldn't help her eyes widening for a moment. He didn't look too different from a regular person, he was actually pretty good looking. She shook her head to snap herself out of it realizing she had been standing there staring. She cleared her throat and whispered softly "I'm so sorry... I forgot my phone." Her face was flushed red as she turned around and left the room as quickly as possible closing the door behind her. She stood there for a moment and took a deep breath thinking "Oh my god, you are suck a moron." She moved down the hall and away from that room while her mind was still in a daze. She didn't even realize she forgot her phone in the process of her being a total cluts... and she was supposed to be a fashion model. it seems even fashion models have their moments.

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Apr 9 2014, 04:12 PM
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Eira Rustic-Togo


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Eira was a bright young girl but after launching her career as a fashion model she was even brighter. At the age of 23 she has an air of confidence to her that made her seem like she was so comfortable with the world around her. She was always smiling and always so kind. She had gotten so good at putting on that face, it was her "everything is alright" face. Yes, she was indeed kind and in a way confident... she was her own worst critic though. She was always finding faults in herself which made her depressed. It wasn't about her appearance though, she had no complaints about that. It was more that she didn't have very many friends. She only had 3 or 4 close friends but the rest, well they were catagorized as business associates. She had never even had a boyfriend, how lame is that. She would always just brush it aside and say she would find one later, or she'd find someone next time. She was always letting others have a try at a guy first, her thoughs on it "Well, they were here first, it's only fair."
Appart from her troubled relationship life, Eira was the happiest when she was working. She was a strang one because she actually loved standing there and letting the designers fit her with clothing. She loved watching how they came along and they always turned out so beautifully. That is why she was so proud and confident when she walked down that run way. The only thoughts in her head at that time would be "One step in front of the other, remember to smile" When she worked, it was like her mind went blank and the only thing she focused on was that moment, she was at peace and truely free of her throughts and critiques. She was a natural at it too, not that she would brag about that at all. She would say she was average, maybe really good at best. She was just too modest but that was how she was raised. She was never big on trying to one up other people.
Let's see, we covered career, relationship, friends.... let's move on to enemies I suppose...
Enemies.... hmmm, well she didn't think she had any enemies apart from the other models that hated her because she had that perfect body, perfect smile, bubbling confidence, modesty, and everything else they could think of to hate about her. Oh the things that were said about her behind her back just because she was good at what she did. They could not fathom what she had gone through to get to where she was today. They all wanted the easy road instead of the hard road. Well, she was ok with taking the hard road... why feel good about short cuts when you could feel good about all the hard work you can put into things. She was kind to those girls that didn't like her which is what made them hate her even more. They could say something bad or mean about her to her face and she would just smile and tell them that they were beautiful and to do a good job.
I think that tells a lot more about Eira, though if she ever meets a guy who is more than just a friend or a business associate I think she would be kind of shy at first, but at least her confidence in herself will help speed things along and she'd be more willing to try things out... depending on what those things are anyways... you all have dirty minds *cough cough*

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Apr 6 2014, 06:07 PM
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Eira Rustic -Togo

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<p><span>❝</span> Throughout most of Eira's childhood it was full of laugher with loving parents. Eira was an only child and her parents had decent jobs. Eira was never sure what those jobs were exactly, her parents never elaborated very much save that they helped to keep the peace. Keep the peace how, she wouldn't find out till later in life... It was something like they were FBI or CIA but let's not spoil that story, it will come later on.
Eira was not a spoiled child even though her family were in the upper class of society. Her parents felt it was best to learn what others had to do without. Eira didn't have all the electronics like all the other kids her age had. She just wasn't into those kinds of things. She did however have all of the latest fashion. Eira's career goal had been set at an early age when her parents had taken her to a fashion show. It was there that she was awed and inspired by all the beautiful women walking down the run way in such stunning outfits. She then vowed that when she grew up she would be a model just like them.
In middle school Eira was called out of class one day to be told that her parents had been in a car accident. The person who had caused it was texting and ran a red light, her parents just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both were pronounced dead on sit. Eira was taken in by close family friends seeing as the rest of the family only wanted her for her inheritance. The family friends treated Eira just like their own daughter, they were never able to have children of their own so Eira was a blessing to them. They however wanted Eira to remember her parents and all the memories that they shared so instead of completely changing her last name they kept it as Rustic but added Togo to the end of it making her name Eira Rustic - Togo.
Even with her new family, Eira's life remained the same though she missed her parents dearly at times, she was still as determined as ever to become a model. So, after she graduated high school she went to a fashion agency to join an audition. She knew that it be a model wouldn't be easy but she was willing to push through it and persevere. She would make sure she did all the things needed to be the best model she could be.
The audition went well and at the age of 18 Eira was thrown into the life style of a fashion model. She moved out of the house and into a nice condo but was always busy with shows or fittings so she didn't see the condo very much but she was happy. It was during those next 5 years that she worked on her career and building up her skills as a model. Then there was an uproar about some gossip that was going around that vampires, werewolves, and shifters really did exist. It was the talk of the city for quite some time and there was something about a treaty but Eira was never much into politics so she didn't quite understand it. That didn't phase her from her work, she dove right into it to take her mind off all the gossip though she was more cautious around people she just met. She kept everyone at a professional distance, she didn't have a social life beyond that of work and she didn't have any boyfriend. Her life wasn't secret anymore so it would have been hard for her, granted if she really wanted to she could find time and make it work. The paparazzi weren't too hard to ditch if you really tried. She was just too into her work at the moment, it's what kept her sane and occupied.

</div><div style="width: 340px; font-family: arial; letter-spacing: 2px; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;"><a href="">&hearts; lauz</a></div><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR></div><div style="width: 400px; font-family: times; text-transform: uppercase; color: ababab; font-size: 11px; font-style: italic; margin-top: 2px;">

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