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Jun 26 2014, 11:59 AM
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Light purple eyes glanced out from behind the glass at the dozen's of faces that glanced in at her. Looked at her with wonder as swam through the water of her large tank, exactly as they liked her to do her keepers. After all if she was on what little land they gave her then she lost her tail and what good was she too them then? Didn't look very mermaid like when she didn't have her tail did she? No she looked like a sick human with her just slightly grey completion. Then again if anyone looked close enough she didn't look like a very healthy mermaid either at the moment. Not in the water they kept her in. Laced with toxins and pumped with just enough poisons to keep her subdued. So she couldn't gather strength to put up much of a fight to get out of this hell hole they called a family circus, but not enough she couldn't swim around, look pretty and show off like they wanted. If she put up a fight they threatened to find another mermaid. Only this time maybe a merman.... They knew about her son. They threatened him... and Azalea couldn't have it.
For once she felt weak and it wasn't because of the toxin. Moving to the glass she spotted a teen boy watching her, placing her hand to the glass she watched him closely. Cocking her head to the side, she studied him. Drawing him in. She watched with delight as he stumbled forward, caught in her siren's song. Though the glass was sound proof mostly, she didn't need to actually sing to capture her prey. It was a mermaid's power. Though unfortunately for her the toxins didn't allow her to keep it up for long. Before she had the chance to get the boy to do much like beat his fists to bloody stump against the wall of glass the connection was broken and she swam tiredly to the top of the water, then to the edge dragging herself up to the small 'beach'. Laying back she waited as the change occurred, gasping for air as she suffocated through it all. The separation of her tail into legs, the sound of tearing and bones snapping into place, the scales falling off into the sand and disintegrating, the gills fading into her neck and ribs looking like faded scars and finally allowing her the chance to breath. Clutching at the sand she gasped at the air, sweat covered her body and she looked around. Knee's bent in the air.
Sitting up she gave a light groan, the process of shifting from a mermaid to a human wasn't exactly a walk in the park, it left you achy for a few hours after but it was worth it usually. Here she wasn't so sure. Grabbing the coverup that she was given she slid it over her naked curves and stood up. Shaking the sand from her hair and watching as the people began to walk away from her tank. The circus was closing anyways. The announcement had been made half an hour ago. There was only ten minutes left. Still she was sure that Mikhail would be by with a stern look. Well Mikhail could take that stern look and go fuck himself or Erik, since he was Erik's lap bitch. Hearing the door behind her unbolt finally she sighed and let herself out. Between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am they were allowed to roam around. After all the way the place was set up there was no way to run. They were all caged in, they were all weakened by something. Used against each other in ways. The bosses made sure of it. To weak to put up a fight but not weak enough they couldn't perform. What a bitch.
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May 5 2014, 06:36 AM
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<div style="padding-left: 80px; padding-right: 80px; padding-top: 80px; padding-bottom: 80px;">I´ll rip out your heart, to place it into that part where I lost mine..And after that I will cry
till your heart inside of me will die </div></div></div>

<div class="kennedy"> Then i'll sing again my sirens song. </div>

<div class="birkin">

The ocean water sparkled as if tens of thousands of sparkling diamonds were inlay into the waters. It gleamed and glistened in the sinking sunlight as Azalea LEvent watched from the board walk. Those waters were her home. Deep down under the waves, down where the water ran bone cold, where humans couldn't hope to go because their heads would explode right along with their pathetic tiny lungs. The smokers were always the quickest to drown. They were so boring. No fight. Well they fought but it was so quick and useless. The none smokers, the ones who could actually hold their breath for longer. Now those... those were the fun ones. Those she enjoyed watching the life fade from their eyes because their life seemed so much stronger.
Shaking her head she pushed off the rail and walked with a confident stride down the boardwalk. Where she began it was a place for fisherman, it was barren only a small shack sat where you could buy bait. Further down it became more crowded. The boardwalk being lined with food spots, hotels, those game rooms that held all those annoying beeps and buzzes. Bars lined the board walk and at the end was an amusement park that she used to take her little man to when he was just a wee little merman. They would often times lure a father and a child toward the edge of the boardwalk and pull them in. Hunting as a team. Azalea's heart swelled with pride at the thought of her boy. The only man she would ever love. The only man she'd be capable of loving. Azalea knew no love could be stronger than the love of a mother and child.
The sound of her heels clicked on the wood as she strode down the boardwalk. Eyes scanning each spot, she was hungry. Looking for an easy target. Slipping into one of the game rooms she let her eyes scan the place. Geeks were usually pretty easy to lure. After all, flash a little smile, a lot of leg, a bit of cleavage and you couldn't go wrong. Blonde silken curls danced down her back, a few strands hung over her shoulder as she placed a hand on her hip and cocked it a bit. Bringing her thumb nail to her mouth and biting lightly. Looking the part of out of place chick looking for her possible friends, maybe a boyfriend.


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May 3 2014, 08:55 PM
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<td><div style="font-family: Lobster; color: #fff; background:#000; text-transform: lowercase; text-align: right; letter-spacing: 2px; font-size: 25px;">Azalea G. LEvent</div></td>
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</div><div style="font-family: Open Sans Condensed; color: #fff; background:#000; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: right; letter-spacing: 2px; font-size: 10px;"><br>
Azalea, Lea
<br><div style="height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><div style="margin-top:1px; height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><br>
<br><div style="height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><div style="margin-top:1px; height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><br>
<br><div style="height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><div style="margin-top:1px; height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><br>
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<br><div style="height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><div style="margin-top:1px; height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><br>
Siren ability
<br><div style="height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><div style="margin-top:1px; height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><br>
<br><div style="height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><div style="margin-top:1px; height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><br>
Candice Swanepoel
<br><div style="height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><div style="margin-top:1px; height:1px; background-color: #ababab;"></div><br>
<td><div style="width: 240px; height: 400px; background-color: #fff; overflow: auto;"><div style="width: 210px; text-align: justify; padding: 5px; font-family: Open Sans Condensed; font-size: 13px; letter-spacing: 0px; line-height: 100%;"><br>
What is your name?<br>
My name is Azalea Guinivere LEvent.<P>
How old are you Azalea?<br>
I am nearing 1,000 which for my species is still young but not so young its considered childish. I am 998 years old. I'll be 999 come September 29th. <p>
What exactly are you?<br>
Well can't you tell? Can't you guess....I'm a mermaid and before you ask no i'm not cheerful and sweet like that idiotic redhead bitch from that horrid Disney movie. That is not how mermaids are. <p>

what does your name mean?
How the hell should I know? Its a name. Why does it have to mean anything. Jesus what is it with you people and things having to mean shit. Fucking hippies.<p>

who has been the most influential person if you life?<br>
Honestly. My son. No one else in my life means anything to me, my parents... my mother though she is alive. we've never been close, i can't stand her she can't stand me. But my son... My son is my entire world. Everything I do, is for him... he makes me want to be better. <p>

Have you ever been in love? Or had a broken heart?<br>
Love is for the weak, Love doesn't exist. Well at least not the kind of love you are thinking about. Are you a mother? If not then you dont know what love really is. Love is being a mother, love is creating a child... carrying the child and giving birth. Love is raising that child. Seeing that child grow into a man. That sort of love never dies, it transforms. So I guess.... Well yes. I've been in love. I'm in love with my son, and No i've never had a broken heart. I never will.<p>

. On what occasions do you lie? <br>
On whatever fucking occasion i feel like. Why the hell do i need to tell the truth? Life is full of lies. Get used to it.<p>
What are three memories you hold dear? <br>
1) The birth of my son. Out of my ten eggs he was the only that made it. I'm very blessed.
2) Watching my sons first kill. What mother wouldn't be proud and hold that close?
3) The night I took my son's virginity.
You took your sons virginity!?
Yes? Why is that so surprising. Love doesn't get any more pure than between a mother and son. Our hearts both beat inside my body at one time. I know his heart and he knows mine. I know his soul and he knows mine... his body is mine as mine is his. Its perfectly natural.<p>
What kind of distinguishing facial features do you have? <br>
I have lovely intense blue eyes so i've been told. I also have a slight scar under my left eye. Fishing accident. <p>
what is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
I dont believe in embarrassing situations. Why should one be embarrassed by something they do? Its ridiculous.
What do you prefer Coke or Pepsi.<br>
I prefer water, I love Rum but it dries me out so quickly.
If you could relive any moment, what would it be? <br>
Most mothers would say the moment their child was born but.... Mine was the moment my son took me for the first time. It was perfect. It was..... thrilling. Hot, and hard. Perfect.<p>

What would you do if you won the lottery.<br>
Bury the money and then make a bunch of fake maps, and give them to people just to watch them go crazy looking for the money. I dont need the damn shit. With the ocean as my home why would I? <p>
have you ever done anything illegal? <br>
Does drowning men and eating their rotting flesh count as illegal? Opps.
Describe yourself in five words.<br>
Manipulative, Easily Irritated, Gorgeous, blessed, Hungry.<p>

what is your favourite colour and why?
Teal. Because it makes me smile?

<td><div style="font-family: Open Sans Condensed; color: #fff; background:#000; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: right; letter-spacing: 2px; font-size: 10px;">ALIAS | TIMEZONE | CONTACT?</div></td>
<div style="width: 450px; text-align: right; font-family: verdana; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; margin-left: -70px; margin-top: 3px;"> ♥ Ghost </div></a>
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